Top Apps for Children are a small, friendly, team that started out designing and developing Apps for our own family. Our philosophy is to create Children’s Apps that are:

  • Fun
  • Entertaining
  • Clear and intuitive to use
  • Enhance learning
  • Support a child’s development
  • Encourage interaction

We are proud of our size as it allows us to be fast and responsiveness; open to new ideas and able to make independent decisions quickly.

Kids and Technology

Top Apps for Children believe technology is an enabling tool. Electronic devices and Apps can be used in a way that supports children’s learning, development, communication and understanding of the world. They can also be used to increase accessibility and our own Alphabet tracer does that by incorporating sign language.

As parents, we know that there are times when handing our child your smart phone and letting them play keeps them entertained and quiet while we are busy with a million and one other things!  However we also believe that properly developed Apps allow us as parents, to engage more with our children, providing an environment where we share the fun and reinforce our children’s learning. When kids (and adults!) are having fun, we learn quickly without even realising it – isn’t that they best way to learn?

Our children are growing up surrounded by technology, so now is a great opportunity for us to guide them as they embrace and use technology to enhance their life skills.  This in turn builds their confidence and increases self-esteem.

Your Ideas

Please feel free to share with us your own suggestions for Kids Apps, or where you think the current range of children’s Apps could be improved.  Top Apps for Children are very open to new ideas and if we develop your idea we will happily give you FIVE free copies of the finished App: one for you and 4 to share with your friends (so that you can let them know that one of your ideas has been turned into a real product). Share your idea here.

In App purchases

We believe that In-App purchases should be available in children’s Apps if used appropriately, eg for adding complexity as the child develops, add-ons that aid the next stage of learning and progression, upgrades that increase choice and variety.

Having In-App purchases offers parents the opportunity to teach their children about the value of things, and how to make wise and appropriate choices. This should be embraced as part of our role as parents. As purchases require a credit card to be registered then it is always with parental supervision and agreement that purchases can be, and should be made.

We are open to your views on this, so please feel free to share them with us via the contact us form.



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