Alphabet Tracer wins Best App Award

We are delighted to announce that our educational app for toddlers,  Alphabet Tracer, which helps children to read, write, say and sign the letters of the Alphabet has one third place in the Best App Ever Awards, hosted by

Alphabet Tracer won third place in the Infant category, ahead of many of the big name app producers such as TocoBoca.  The Infant category is for the best apps to help infants and toddlers learn: which is exactly what Alphabet Tracer does

Alphabet Tracer helps toddlers and young children to learn their ABC and allows them to choose from a range of bright colours to draw with.  With Alphabet Tracer they can learn to write, say, and sign the letters of the Alphabet.  Pronunciation is available in both male and female voices and American and British English -let your child choose their favourite.

Unlike other ABC Apps it also teaches children the signs for each letter of the alphabet. You can choose between British or American sign language. Great for those who are deaf, have deaf or hearing impaired family members or are working with deaf or hearing impaired children.

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Certified child friendly

Alphabet Tracer has been certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program.  This means that it provides a safe interactive environment for kids and is authorized to display the prestigious kidSAFE® Seal.  You can find out more about the program and see Alphabet Tracer’s listing in the Certified Directory

Support the little guy

We’ve been nominated for an award! has shortlisted us for creating ‘The Best App Ever’ in the Infant category.  The award is highly regarded within the industry. is one of the biggest online review sites and receives millions of visits each day.  Please vote for us to win by clicking here and please share with your friends – this is an opportunity to get some recognition for a part-time indie app developer

Please vote for Alphabet Tracer

We thought it was a long shot as these App awards are dominated the big players who have the money and resources to get their apps noticed.  However, much to our surprise (although we know it is a great App and deserves the recognition),  Alphabet Tracer has been shortlisted in the Best App Ever Awards.    Please give us some much needed support against the big boys, and vote for us here (one click vote) and share with your friends

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Best App Ever Awards

Alphabet Tracer, our neat little learn to write, read, say and sign the letters of the alphabet has been shortlisted in the Best App Ever Awards in the infant category.  Please show your support for this educational and intuitive, fun app by voting for us here.  Just a simple one click vote – no signing in required.

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